Who We Are
Who We Are
Worldwide Who's Who has emerged as a personal branding and networking organization that fully embraces the age of the Internet, and all it offers. Our 500,000 members rely on us for unique opportunities to network with likeminded individuals, and to help them build a powerful online presence. In addition to online branding, our suite of publications allows members to communicate their personal endeavors and cement their professional legacies in print. Furthermore, our social media content serves as an engaging resource for information. The Worldwide Who's Who community is international, with most members based in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.
Mission Statement
The mission of Worldwide Who's Who is to empower professionals from all industries and stages of professional development to experience greater levels of success by providing them with unique opportunities to develop and promote their personal brands.
What We Do
Worldwide Who's Who endeavors to address the modern-day dilemma faced by the 21st century workforce: How can I brand myself to improve my chances for career growth and strategically position myself to gain recognition? We help individuals from every industry increase their chances to succeed in a competitive business world by giving them the tools to brand themselves effectively. Whether they gain exposure through a professionally developed, personalized website, strengthen their online presence through the acquisition of targeted traffic to various Web properties, or garner recognition by being featured in a distinguished member publication, each Worldwide member is treated as an individual. Because no two members are exactly alike, we take a personalized approach to assisting them in achieving their specific goals. All applicants are screened and interviewed prior to their acceptance into the Worldwide Who's Who organization. Upon enrollment, each new member receives:
  • A professionally written biographical profile
  • Access to our online registry for the duration of their membership
  • A personalized branding specialist
Our personalized branding specialists make decisions and engage members regarding which personal branding services have been determined to be of the most value to them. By considering what it is that a member wants to achieve, our branding specialists can help each member maximize their membership, thereby increasing their visibility and exposure, and yielding valuable networking opportunities. Our editorial department and marketing team craft consistent member brands across all products and services, which may include a press release, audio interview, magazine feature or social media spotlight. For a complete list of our personal and corporate branding services, please visit our Worldwide Who's Who Member Benefits.
Our Team
With 15 years of experience, Worldwide Who's Who has recruited and retained a highly skilled group of individuals to ensure the success of its daily operations. The team, totaling 150 people across 10 departments, comprises a knowledgeable and driven staff dedicated to providing unparalleled customized branding and networking services to the Worldwide member roster. If you would like more information, or are in need of immediate assistance, please visit the Contact page of our website